Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Hayley Newman : Roundabouts

This numbered, signed picture disc, a 300-edition release by Work & Leisure International (W&LI-BWJ 702) was one of three singles issued in conjunction with the Band Wagon Jumping exhibition of seven-inch vinyl (http://www.bbc.co.uk/norfolk/culture/vinyl_7.shtml).
Recorded by Matt Wand on 20th August 2002, the two pieces (both on the same side of the disc) document Ivan Sampson playing a large brass instrument called a helicon, a member of the tuba family. First, a microphone was taken by Matt onto a revolving fairground ride whilst Ivan was playing from a fixed position; then the musician took the ride with Matt standing still holding the mic. The colour photograph on the record's playable side shows the roundabout in question with large pink, yellow and blue teacups in which the riders, Ivan included, are sitting, with parasols overhead. The music's in the foreground, then it gradually fades, and becomes prominent once again. Kids are heard cackling, and there's the whirr of machinery.
I don't know what the first piece of music is, but the second's definitely the Bill Haley And The Comets hit Rock Around The Clock, which Ivan plays at an increasingly rapid pace.
The disc's reverse shows Hayley's idea on lined paper, including the possibility of a trombonist, and a version of Round Midnight. I guess that one and Rock Around The Clock were selected for the appropriate "round" in their titles. The Doppler Effect gets a mention too, defined by my Oxford Concise as, "an increase (or decrease) in the frequency of sound... waves as the source and observer move towards or away from each other."

Link : http://www.hayleynewman.com/artworks/show/18.

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