Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Robert Delaney Radio Show

A 1992 release on D-Tox DTX 005-7, this is an ultra-lo-fi one-sider consisting of four mins of eleven-year-old cub scout Delaney performing a radio show into a tape recorder at Camp Uwharrie, Jamestown, NC in '75. Scatalogically obsessed, as are many pre-teens, Delaney counts down and sings "the top six songs in the nation" for his imaginary station, Radio WBUYSUCK, broken up with the occasional giggle, seemingly for the amusement of one or more onlooking buddies. The titles alone of his presumably self-composed ditties indicate his state of mind, his limited sense of humour : You Little Flea; You Little Asshole; You Little Shit. Best of the songs is the closer, The Underwear Blues, which Robert approaches with real gusto, replacing his usual lightweight kid voice with something lustier. A wonderfully entertaining piece of juvenile shenanigans which might embarrass its maker thirty-five years down the line but is the sort of thing that's all part of growing up, I guess. This is a nice package : two free stickers, an insert, and a flipside etched with cartoony drawings. D-Tox also put out some Eugene Chadbourne material (the I Cut The Wrong Man 45); does the label still exist ? I wonder whatever became of Robert Delaney, if he actually ended up as a broadcaster, or a singer ? Did he ever get to learn about this record ? I presume the cassette of his radio show was discovered in a thrift store...

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