Friday, 30 October 2009

EMI open day souvenir seven-inch

Another unplayable record (see Denkmal write-up :
This one was pressed (in what quantity ?) by EMI as a special souvenir to commemorate the owner's visit, on their Silver Jubilee year open day, 28th and 29th May 1977. One to file alongside the Sex Pistols' God Save The Queen, perhaps, the single is housed in a thin card sleeve which is die-cut, and plain white save for a small Union Jack in the top left hand corner on the front.
One label has a detail of said red-white-and-blue, with the info on the other alongside the crest for The Queen's Silver Jubilee - and two flags, one with the Nipper (dog and gramophone) trademark and the other bearing the boxed EMI logo. The flag label side has some very nice scroll lettering which goes halfway round, informing the recipient of EMI's Hayes, Middlesex address. The reverse also has etchings - three of the Nipper trademark with three unidentified pieces of music interspersed, the significance of which I've no idea : perhaps one was from the first ever item pressed at EMI ?
The only sound on each side is a short warning beep at the start, followed by a long continuous one (so that you really know you're in trouble); the pictorial side has a little more groove available to hear before the stylus-mangling etchings intrude.
A really aesthetically pleasing if purely decorative, non-functional giveaway. definitely designed not to be auditioned, whereas the Denkmal single could be tried out to whatever extent with an old, outgoing needle. Interesting to compare these two records each of which has been made to be unplayable though with a different motivation for that.


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